04 November 2013

Graham: 9 Months

He likes to yell in a happy way. (!)

He began crawling a few weeks ago, and is pleased as punch with the freedom.  Jude had to learn to keep his most prized possessions off the floor.

He is into everything, but this is less stressful the 2nd time around.  He also, unlike infant Jude, has a live-in buddy to play with, thus making "stuff" in the house less enticing most of the time.

He's swatting, jabbering "dadada mamama bababa", pulling himself up on things, putting all objects into his mouth, attacking us, chewing on our faces, and loving everything.

Cutting his first 2 teeth has turned him into a drool machine.  I change his saturated bibs about 5 times a day.  
A note about his drool soaked outfit in these pictures: I had been thinking about how much I wished my grandparents had been alive to meet my kids.  They would've had a ball.  Then I went to the mall because Graham's been growing at a faster rate than Jude did, so a lot of the clothes I'd saved for Graham weren't seasonally aligned.  (Or, since Graham's currently the size Jude was as a 1 year old, and Jude beat TO SMITHEREENS most of his clothes from that point on, I only have church clothes and pajamas left for Graham.  You would not believe how much Jude wore his clothes to pulverization death.  That kid plays hard.)
Anyway I was in Baby Gap hoping for a couple of sale items to keep Graham clothed and the first thing I saw was this one piece thing that says "Lucky Duck"with a cute non-cheesy duck on it.  If you knew my Grandmother you know she would always say "You are a lucky…." and it was your job to finish "duck!"  I felt like the fact that there was one on clearance in Graham's size, plus another one to grow into, it was surely Merial McOmber's doing from the other side.  I snatched them up and he wears it all the time (he's already in the larger one). I think every time I pull it over his head and snap it up she's giving her great-grandson a tight hug.

 He doesn't realize it, but he has shown Jude he can fight back a bit.  Graham loves to grab hair, and when he goes for Jude's, Jude shrinks and covers his head with his hands and shrieks/whimpers, "NO GAMMY NO!!!" All the while Graham has this completely innocent, elated look on his face.  The scenario makes me laugh, and then I reassure Jude that Graham isn't trying to hurt him.  

I can't keep him full.  

He's a big spitter-upper.  I weaned him about a month ago.  A few weeks ago he was spitting up all day.  The doc says he's fine, still gaining weight and no acid reflux or anything, he's just "spitty."   We switched formula and it helps a little, but I do A LOT of laundry.  My poor overworked washing machine and dryer and my poor laundry baskets that are constantly full of folded and unfolded clothes.

Anyway, Graham makes us feel like a million bucks every day.  I still get emotional talking about what a blessing he is.  We.  Love.  Him.  

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