05 November 2013


Kids wake up at 5:45 (we blame setting the clocks back).
Try to get them back to sleep.
Give up.
The boys jump on mom and dad's bed and give a few snuggles (at least the boys are ecstatically joyful in the morning).
Jeff goes running.
Lower Graham's crib to the lowest level.
Jeff comes back, gets ready for work.
Graham's got a stinky bum to change.
Jeff goes to work.
I go running with the boys in the BOB.
Graham falls asleep in the stroller, move him to his crib once we're home.
Take a shower while Jude destroys my bedroom (way more fun than the iPad).
Get dressed and put on some mascara.
Read books and build things with Jude and his Duplos.
Jude wants snacks.
Graham wakes up.
Speech therapy.
On the way to speech therapy Jude tells me about fire trucks and counts to ten "one two free nine ten six!"
Jude falls asleep in the car on the way home from Speech (Hallelujah!!!)
Giddily and gingerly remove Jude from his car seat to put him in his bed. 
He wakes up right as I'm closing his curtains.  
I say "goodnight!" and escape.
He does not fall back to sleep as I'd hoped.
I let him cry for a few minutes but I need to go get groceries anyway so I open the door to his room.
He says matter-of-factly, "I'm sad."
Getting out of a nap makes him happy.
We go to 2 grocery stores.
Jude wants to eat and buy everything he sees.
Get all the ingredients for chicken noodle soup for the Woods because they just had Baby Luke.
Get home.
Jude is throwing a tantrum because we did not go to Kids Club at the gym (little does he know I froze my pass).
Realize I forgot the egg for the noodles.
Text neighbor. 
She's got an egg.
I make dinner while the boys play so well together I wish I could sit down with them.
Graham goes down for his afternoon nap despite the fact that Jude bypasses the gate, follows me upstairs and is making explosion noises.
Jude and I play chase and watch a snippet of Cars before it's time to take dinner to the Woods'. 
Wake up Graham, load it all up in the car.
Graham blows out his diaper on the way to the Woods'.
Jude tells me Amber has pretty hair and he loves her.
Get to the Woods'.
Visit with them for a bit.
Go to the pediatrician so Jude can get his flu shot.
Jude doesn't even flinch over the shot.
Go home.
Eat dinner.
Brush teeth.
30 minutes of Cars.
Shut down Jude's attempts at negotiating bedtime.
Put Jude's clean sheets on his bed while the boys try to dissemble the vacuum.
Read bedtime books.
Family prayer minus Jeff who's working late.
Night night songs.
I love yous.
I eat 2 cookies.
I want more cookies.
I polish off the last couple bites of Jude's dinner.
Start working on the stuff I'm doing 3-10 hours a week for my friend's mom's non-profit.
Take a break to go over the day's happenings because I'm wondering why I'm wiped out.
The End.


Alice said...

I HATE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS! And I just realized that Sylvia's whole childhood is screwed because her birthday comes right after DLS! ARGH!

meredith c. said...

today i got the mail, napped, and worked on a manuscript. i could never be a mama!!! well, at least not as good of a mama, as you. those are lucky boys, ill say it again and again!

jocie said...

I love this. I love you. I love that we mamas are in it together.