16 June 2008

2 residual benefits from my group date on friday:

1) we played croquet and i liked it! i really really liked it! no, don't fall off your chair. please, really, is it necessary to choke, cough, and then spray out the beverage you were sipping as you read that first sentence? i feel like croquet is a happy union of english snobbery and yankee silliness. i would be looking into buying my own set of wickets and clubs right this very second, but i preemptively heard a set goes for around 1,000 george washingtons. hmmmmm.....
2) my first dining adventure at pei-wei was enough to make me a life-long customer because of a few reasons, but most of all it was the bottomless pit of fortune cookies that captured my little girl heart. especially when your 5th of 7 snagged cookies reads promises such as this:
how am i supposed to be expected to hold a camera straight when there are new pearls of excitement?


Aubrey said...

Someone's definitely pulling your chain on that crochet thing Merz. Definitely NOT that expensive! But...since your fortune says "You will spend many years in comfort and wealth," maybe you should just wait a few and buy yourself that thousand dollar one!!! Love you Merz.

Margaret said...

1000 George Washingtons?
Are you looking to buy a crochet set of gold?