25 June 2008

Me + Baker = Friends

This is the 3rd weekend in a row I find myself back in the Vine of Ir. Home again, home again, jiggety jig. I should have just taken off work for the in between time too, because let's face the sorry truth: I've spent my wages from the past 2 weeks in gasolina (or just about), and I'm getting sick of 90% of the drive. Why in heaven's name are we permitted to drive 75 mph going to Yeetah but allowed only a dozing 70 when we're cruising to 'Fornia???? I'll make a bold statement: if we were allowed to drive the 75 miles per hour en route to CA, I would only be sick of only 63% of the drive. Yes, even!

Ruckiry, I have visited in blissful elation, heavy on the elation. It's not hard to have things go in such a way when the equation is Eatons + Sunny CA. It's just also really busy and I've not had moments to spare for as many old friends and as I would wish. Status of achievement in dutiful friend field: failure.

What have the recent weekends accomplished?

-An actual tan line. No! I will not take it back, as I, in my truth (as Paula Abdula would put it...since apparently anything can be or have a truth), have a real deal tan line on my pasty skin!
-The chance to peruse over my mission journals. Good to reminisce. Then I got an email from some recent converts and they all looked rosy cheeked and happy and sweaty (you just don't get humidity's end over there) and on the straight and narrow! 3 cheers for La Familia Aguilar!
-A chance to prove to myself I am indeed getting used to the dry and dusty oven that is Las Vegas. New phenomenon: Somewhere around the 215/I-15 junction I feel the back of my neck become soggy and my shirt clings to me in a way very similar to a Koala bear baby and his mother. HUMIDITY. Humidity that you can inhale and choke on in the CA airs.
-Reality check. The Irvine 1st and 5th wards meet no longer inside the cheery bricks of the Irvine Stake Center. Bah! We now have a "MEETINGhouse" which is kinder on our gas bills but much meaner for reminiscing sake, as well as my navigational pride.
  • Con #1: The Irvine Stake Center is the place I sat my squishy 3 year old bottom on the tiny tiny chairs and first heard the words of the true and everlasting gospel (outside the home). The place I strutted myse'f into the first Irvine STAKE DANCE and stared at _e_f J_ _s_n from across the mosh pit wondering how he could be so devilishly handsome. The place I attended all 4 years of seminary and trained myself to loathe donuts, knowing well that if I indulged every Friday morningside I'd roll out of high school with diploma tucked kindly away under my arm. Ah shucks. It's a building close to my soul and packed a la brim with memories.
  • Con #2: The Meetinghouse is about 1/16 as big as the Stake Center, only has 1 chapel, but I STILL get lost inside it. How do they make these things like mazes???? How??
Moving on.
-This weekend WILL accomplish the observation of and participation in the wedding of Aly and Andrew. A bon-fire rehearsal dinner. I know, it's 4.566 cycles of endorphins swirled in marshmallow sauce with a billion dollar bonus.
-I am completely pals with the peeps at the Baker exit. Baker is the perfect locale for a stop. Just about the time I'm thirsty as a 3 Amigo and as anxious to stretch my limbs as Sam will be after he's had the chicken pox (this occurance TBA). Now that I've done this stop 6 times in 4 months I am tight with the gas station employees and know which bathroom stall is most tidy and spacious.
-I've realized I do love Las Vegas and am happy to return each time.
-My bishopric sweat a few drops for me thinking I'd swiftly gone inactive.

And my final lesson:
-I shouldn't blog when it's in the middle of the night after a drive.

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Hilary and Dave said...

I laugh. Merzy, please never stop using the term, "a la brim."