11 October 2009


Never was there a girl who loved her cousins more than I. My cousins are a rarely achieved combination of all things wonderful. We have our own language of sorts, love A&E, and in my visual of heaven we all live on the same block and eat chocolate truffles and do crafts all the live long day.

This morning Jeff and I made a wee treck out to spend 25 glorious minutes in the presence of the Robert and Kathryn McOmber division. Major squealing on my part. Cuteness abounded. They are too good to be true.

Should have left my sunglasses on.

Thanks be for a forever fam.

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Margaret said...

Sooooo gooooood to see you. If only for a moment. Hope you enjoyed that DC and cupcake during RS....and the giant burrito.
love you.

Aubrey said...

Is that the famous sweater I see? Looks GOOD on your girl. But then again, what doesn't? :)

Elizabeth Jex said...

I miss them...and you too.