14 October 2009

Hope you have a good mood in shopping from their company!

Tonight someone hacked into the hotmail account I deleted months ago; it must have had major techie CPR and was revived. How lame: I only deleted the account because it had been my spam junk bucket, and someone had hacked into it and sent the spam email to my other account (along with everyone in my contact list), so I discovered the intrusion and made waste of it all.

It bothers me they were smart enough to hack into my account but moronic enough to send the email to the owner's (my) other (gmail) account. So I got an email from myself. Again. Nice one.

They were also cool enough to not learn English before sending out the advert email to friends and family.....If you weren't lucky enough to receive it, see the fun times below. It is so many hours past my bedtime -- goodnight goodnight!

"hello friend:
I am glad to tell you one good news!i have bought one item from one site then i got it within
3-5 working days and the quality is high too.i am very satisfaied with their service.
there are many interesting electronic items on the site!such as Phones,TVs Laptops or Video Games or
Motorbikes and so on!also the price is good enough!
If you have free time you can visite the site by yourself
the website:
The contact Email/MSN:
Hope you have a good mood in shopping from their company!"

1 comment:

Elizabeth Jex said...

That is so hilarious! Do they go to Happy Joy cleaners? I bet they do. Sorry about the email break-in. So not cool.