13 October 2009


I am a list maker. A maker of lists.

This habit really kicked into high gear on my mission. I would fill up the margins of my planners with endless tabulations of things I wanted to work on that week, my budget, groceries to buy on our day off, things to remember to appreciate when I returned home, quirky anecdotes of the week, etc. This was a time when my lists were most important because for a myriad of reasons, I was more likely to forget any and all of these things if they were not thought of AND subsequently recorded. These lists were borderline journal entries, which makes it very unfortunate that about half of my mission planners are wavy, blurred, rain-soaked pages, as nothing, and I do mean nothing finds sure protection from a Costa Rican deluge. I keep them, though, when I have the emotional intrepidity I'll take a peek at them again to remember the times, remember the days.

Ho hum.

I still do make lists for self-analysis purposes in quiet moments caught, I make grocery lists on my phone while at red lights, and in 3 months of working at my current job I've already cooked through 2 note pads with daily To-Do this and thats.

Today feels like a day for a Spankf -- oh, I mean Thankful List.

1. These Hooligans

2. This Place

3. Not I or anyone I know and love has hair like this (although I currently take ISSUE with the state of my locks!):

4. Soon this shall be erected at a local outdoor mall:



[AnnieR] said...

Gasp! Tis a grievous sin to laugh during the prayer!

Meredith said...

No, that's not a prayer, that's a "We're just barely dating and so although we are quite whoppered with each other, we don't know what to do with our arms while standing together in public." :)

Taken over 1 year ago. Ah, young love.

Aubrey said...

i LOVE that you're a list maker. i too am a list maker. i LOVE writing down my play by play for each day, design ideas in my head, groceries to be bought, etc, etc, etc. i LOVE lists. :)

PS- We'll be neighbors in T-10 days. Hooray!

[AnnieR] said...

Eh, I was just kidding. Come on. How long have you known me?
And seriously--like someone would actually take a picture during a prayer? Creep sauce.