19 February 2011

5 Days of Jude

I keep trying to write the birth story while I sit in the glider with my baby all hours of the night, but it doesn't come out very clearly and a few sentences after starting, the next thing I know, I jolt awake to find my arm still crooked around Jude in the boppy, he's just eating away, and my wrists are still completely elevated typing on my iPhone, except I have made 3 rows of "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX". I will wait for a time when Jude's asleep and I can bear to put him down. And I'm sort of impressed that I'm not only capable of sleep talking, but sleep blogging. Put that on my resume.

Here is what Jude has clued us into so far:

- He keeps one hand on his ear or side of his face when he's eating or sleeping, which I love.
- He doesn't like a dirty diaper, but he doesn't like swapping it out for a clean one, either. He's made his sentiments known by first, screaming his head off during a diaper change, and second, letting his geyser go a few times on us. We have a sort of delayed reaction to this.
- He loves music, in fact, I am giving the credit for last night's 3.5 hour stretch of sleep (a record!) to the music session he had with Jeff last night just before bed. Jeff gave him a good sampling of Hayes family favorites, sang along, and Jude just stared at him the whole time, loving it.
- He has big, blue eyes.
- His dark hair is turning light -- a testament to the power of positive thinking! Come on, baby, let's just finish the job and be a toehead!
- His every squeak, gurgle, facial twitch, snuggling him, burping him, looking at that sweet face, so dependent on us, so clean, oh it's all so marvelous. I knew he'd be cute, I knew we'd love him, but I just didn't know it would be like this. Magic.

P.S. My baby hibernation show of choice is Friday Night Lights. To everyone who told me to watch it, you are RIGHT! It's great. And I want to move to Texas now. ???
P.P.S. My mom was helping me this week, and we squeezed in some period piece movies, and when Downton Abbey arrives via Netflix, I just might do a postpartum cartwheel!


[AnnieR] said...

Teary eyes over here.

ericareynolds said...

3.5 hours of sleep! What a guy!! Love him and you both. Can't wait to squish him! Sigh.

KatieB said...

he is GORGEOUS merzy! so happy for you and your new life. try to keep up the sleep blogging.

Lisa said...

You've got a serious piece of heaven on your hands! I know some people get antsy but I say hibernate with that little cherub - snuggling him while he sleeps, etc etc for as long as possible. (like for 4 months). You'll never get to do it in the same way (well, or for as long) with your future babies and oh, it's the BEST. Congratulations!

Shane and Lauren said...

Congrats! What a beautiful little guy. Nothing better than a new baby. Enjoy every minute of it because in just a few weeks you'll look back at his newborn pictures and won't believe how small he was.

Aly said...

I am so excited to meet little Jude!! He's adorable and I love his name! The pics are all adorable!! I'm so excited for you guys!!

Audra Bollard said...

Congrats on your beautiful baby! What great pictures--he reminds me of my #2 boy--chubby and with lots of hair--the perfect combination for snuggling and admiring! Enjoy!

Grant and Kristin Collard said...

He is so beautiful! I am so happy for you guys!