10 February 2011

Praises be, for the end cometh!

I've been keeping up with my favorite thing of reading birth stories and looking at newborn pictures on blogs, so to my friend's who've supplied such things on their blogs, THANK YOU. 10 gold stars for each of you.

My sister had her baby boy last Friday -- he is pushing the limits on cute, and the only time I've hated being so close to birthin time is during moments when we're on the phone. If Baby Hayes weren't coming any time I would have leapt into my car and scooted over to Vegas to hear that little lamb bleat in person. One thing I love about this baby is he's reminded me anew that when a sibling is born, it's a big change for the whole family, not just the parents. Case in point: The Former Baby of the Fam

Besides baby watch, life has been pretty quiet, probably because we have turned almost everything into a something that revolves around baby watch. Hmmmm. We operate on Apple TV now. We love it, the only complaint I have is that the remote is so microscopic. 2 words: Couch Cushions.

That was a lie, I have 2 complaints. The other complaint is I am actually interested in watching The Bachelor this season because it's like the thing I can't get away from! My parents are even watching it and text commentary. Apple TV is not cooperating with that. But today a solution was affixed (it's called going over to a friend's house) -- so I guess that complaint is knocked out.



Megan said...

I second the Bachelor love. I repent of my former ways of mocking it.
I'm so excited to see pics of baby Hayes!!

S.A.R. said...

I knew you'd come around. The Bachelor is simply too much helicopter-riding-hot-tubbing-"journey"-going fun to pass up.

mcampbell said...

I missed it last week so I used my lunch hour to read a play by play. I feel better knowing I am in good company.

Come, baby, come!