08 July 2011

I'm Grounded

Jeff's out of town for depos.
Jude didn't sleep much last night (which is another story I don't care to blog), so he was practically begging for his crib at 6.
I went downstairs and, as is my usual first item on the agenda when coming downstairs, opened the fridge.
Hmmm...nothing that said "FRIDAY" to me....
And then I realized, sleeping baby, no husband...I'm grounded.

Anyone want to bring me a diet coke and maybe a taco or two?

No? Ok fine.

So Jeff and I talked on the phone for a while, now he's lost reception on the way home, and so I started looking through old pics on the computer.

I don't think I ever noticed this snog one from our wedding during the bride and groom dance. I guess this means I shouldn't be trusted.


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