28 July 2011

A Potpourri of Blog Post Topics

- A little Jude lovin because I can't not post about how terrific it is to have him....

- I was on NPR a couple of weeks ago! No, I will NOT get out! They were talking about Netflix raising their rates a bit and and I called in and voiced my opinion that paying $5 more per month is still better than $120+ for cable, but I did expect them to increase streamable content as a result. I'll be signing for a book deal any day now.

- Since my baby weight loss stopped happening about 2 months ago, I had to change something up. I am on a new diet. When this book, Eat to Live, arrived in my mailbox a la Amazon, I shrieked in both excitement and devastation. It has since removed all fun from my life, but I'm on day 4 and so far I'm feelin good, considering.

- We're going to UT next week and I am SO EXCITED. Uninterrupted time with my boo. Seeing family. Jude's first flight. It's going to be epic.

- My cousin that caught my bouquet just had a ring put on it. I would say the bouquet catching had some influence but she's way too amazing to rely on mystical floral powers for husband ensnaring. And this means Jude's 2nd flight in September for the wedding!

- So I had a birthday! I tend to have better odd-aged years than even-aged years, so I welcome 29 with open arms. July 11 dawned, and once Jude was up Jeff whisked me (us) into the car and we drove toward a little strip mall. He said, "Oh, we're getting gas and then we're going home," nonchalantly. Ah, but I knew he was really taking me to Cinnamon Productions, and there I had my first fountain diet coke and vegetarian breakfast wrap of my 30th yea-- I mean of being 29. I'd love to say I was one of those people who loved and lived life to the fullest in any situation, but I'll be perfectly and scrumptiously honest: birthdays are MUCH better being married! Also I like extending my bdays as long as I can tackily get away with. I had a couple of friend lunches over the week and then 2 weeks after the day we had a family bday (when everyone could sit their bottoms around the same table). I couldn't decide what kind of cake I wanted so I let my mom (the cake maker) decide. She did a great job.

I wished I could eat the whole thing and not gain any weight.


Kevin and Kristina said...

I just ate a second bowl of ice cream for you. You are better than me. I live to eat, not eat to live. :) I also run to eat... which means I now have a lot more running to do tomorrow! Lately the only running I've been doing is running to the freezer for the ice cream. Maybe tomorrow I'll do some laps around the kitchen before I open the freezer?

I feel your pain about the baby weight though. I'm just not as motivated as you. Hope the book is fabulous!

Also- Jude is adorable. Can't wait to hear all about his first flight! Happy belated b-day... and birth-month! :)

Alice said...

Good luck with the weightloss. Some people hold onto the extra weight until they're done nursing, With Finn I swam twice a week, ran 3x a week, biked and went on at least 2 walks a day AND did P90x and still had like 5 lbs left, then I got pregnant when Finn was 8 mos. old, and I weaned him when I was 5 mos pregnant, and I didn't gain any weight that month. I'm looking forward to not being pregnant this time when I wean Sylvia. It's so hard to get your body back into shape, I hate thos little 20 yr olds who's weight just drops off. Annoying. I also crave junk when I'm nursing.....weird.