23 July 2011

La Chambre de Jude

5 months later, Jude's room is as done as it's going to be.

There's a lot of love in everything in here. A lot of "vintage" that we are stoked about (aka Craigslist and generous bequeathals from family with baby-no-more kids)!

As soon as his name popped into my head halfway through pregnancy, I could just see us with a little Jude Hayes running around getting into well-intended mischief. Then I could see us with "Hey, Jude" on his wall over his crib. And so it is done!

Letters: I wrapped the letters (very sloppily) with yarn.

Crib: My parents' neighbors were getting rid of this crib 8 years ago when my first nephew was in-tummy. My mom took it off their hands thinking it could go to Elizabeth's kids, but they didn't need it. And in the attic it sat until about 7 months ago. We had to order new hardware from a company in Indiana, which was a mini-fiasco, but here it stands, and Jude has slept in it from about Day 4. We got the mobile with gift card money from our wedding from PB Kids -- does that say something about how little time there was between the wedding and OB's office? Yikes!

Crib Bedding: PB Kids from Uncle Robert and Aunt Erica. Thanks, guys! Crib skirt made by Mimi.

Glider: PB Kids bought off craigslist for about 1/23,947 the price. This thing has improved my quality of postpartum life 5 fold!

Lamp: Garage sale scavenging

Basket o' Blankets & Burp Cloths: Target

Hanging on the Left: Le Petit Prince postcards Jeff got on his mission. I love them. I should probably get a close up shot. Maybe another time.

We didn't really know what to do with decorating the nursery. I didn't want to do a sports theme or an animal theme or a superhero theme -- how do we know if Jude will be into any of those things?? I've been to France and loved it. Jeff lived in France and it's etched in his soul. I really love how much he loves the language and place. So if there is a theme, it's "Cultural Appreciation," focusing largely on French with a knod to Celtic Gaelic :).

Wall Art: Frames from Ikea. I love the colors in these Tin Tin posters, and so does Jude. In fact when I rock him to sleep I usually swivel around a little so he can't see the Scottish one, because he starts staring at it and forgets he's wiped out and is supposed to be falling asleep. Have I ever watched Tin Tin? Nope! Who cares? Steven Spielberg is making a Dreamworks movie due out next summer! With Jude's bursts of intense energy, though, I don't think we'll be taking him to see it in the theater....

Hippo Chair: PB Kids floor sample 70% off.

Dresser: My parents got that used when I was in elementary school, my sisters and I used it, and then Jeff and I gave it a facelift. This thing will never say die!

I hope you enjoy it, Jude! Because you're sleepin' there anyway!


[AnnieR] said...

I'm kind of obsessed with those posters. Whoa baby. And I totally remember that dresser. I'm glad it never gave up the ghost.

Alice said...

Darling. I love the name Jude. We thought about it for Finn, but Phineas stood out when he came out. In a few more months when Jude is more mobile the room with be a constant mess...same for the rest of the house:)

MER said...

Aww! I love it! Actually, I was thinking of posting photos of Coco's room on my blog just the other day--this reminded me (it has taken almost 16 months for me to get her room looking vaguely how I wanted it!). I LOVE the Tin Tin posters. Baptiste is a big fan so we have all of them on DVD, haha. And yes, let us know what your plans are while you are in town. We'd love to get together!

Alisha said...

Way super cute letters. How did you think of that? Genius. Love the posters too. Really really cute nursery.

Miss B. said...

you wrote "hey Jude"! this is the best thing I've seen in such a long time. WEll done Merzy!

S.A.R. said...

And to just think. That dresser once had my senior year prom picture propped up on it. Jude, you lucky son of a gun.

Elizabeth Jex said...

Turned out great, Mer! Fabuloso!

Aly said...

Soooooooo Cute! I LOVE the room!