22 May 2012

Palo Alto 2012

Jeff was invited to be a member of the Stanford Law School Board of Visitors.  There was a conference last weekend, which meant a trip for all 3 of us!

Completely out of chronological order, here it is:

While Jeff was in meetings I got to hang with my most prized little sis.  Aunt Sarah and Jude matched.  They didn't even call each other the night before to arrange it all!
We browsed and perused at the Stanford Shopping Mall and got Sprinkles Cupcakes.  It's all about the frosting for me; I could take or leave the cake.  

Breakfast at Stacks.  

Very cool: Meeting cousin Lizzy.  Jude, as per his baby usual, loved her but was unnerved with jealousy.  Lizzy is dreamy.

We went to San Fransisco on Saturday and waited in a 25 minute line for Bi-Rite ice cream.  It was worth it when we heard a few of the flavors: Strawberry Balsamic, Salted Caramel, and Brown Sugar.

Dolores Park -- it smelled a little...herbal there.....

Dolores' View

Jude's travel skills improve with each trip.  He didn't get all of his napping hours logged but was still pretty fantastic company and bonus: gave me a sleepy snuggle over Indian food.  I think we ate too much on this trip.

There were a few touchy moments on the drive up (and down).  I could hardly blame him; it seems criminal to pin him down for 7 hours!  We tried to calm his antsy frustration with lots of food and thus the car floors were morphed into a thick lawn of crumbs, and the doors were splashed with la leche.  New family rule: only sippies of water allowed in the car!

It wouldn't be a trip to Palo Alto without a quick photo in front of the house I miss and love.

On our way home.  Until next time, Palo Alto, and bring on the bunny ears!


Elizabeth Jex said...

Oh how I love to see Grandma's house! Teary eyes! I miss and love it too! Looks like a perfect trip!

Sarah said...

Salted caramel? I'll take a huge bowl right now, please! And that house is gorgeous!

Kristina said...

What a fun trip! Love that house! Wish we could've connected up. Bruce Edwards & Christie were here this weekend too staying with, so we had a big reunion at our house with a bunch of friends. We will definitely need to make a trip down south soon so we can see you guys!

And you are making me want sprinkles right now!

mcampbell said...

Um, balsamic strawberry ice cream made me a BiRite devotee for life. So, so ridiculously good.

Loved seeing you and witnessing Juju's standing triumph. Thanks for making so much time for us and oohing and ahing over Lizzie, and for being patient with our new babydom. We love you!