29 May 2012

Memorial Day and Other Things

'Twas another good Memorial Day.  We went on a family run, tested out the water bucket park (Jude needs to warm up a bit to all the water spraying everywhere but enjoyed snuggling and splashing around in the shallow water), took my parents and Cameron to 5 Guys, paused at the Los Rios district, and then finished off the day eating dinner with some friends and our chillins.

We came home and after a brief stint mellowing on the couch in a stupor we hit the hay early.

All in all, my kind of day off.  Oh wait...moms don't have days off...I mean my kind of national holiday spent with people I love.

Here is proof of some of the activities:

Watch out -- the dumped water will knock over the big kids!


More cute

Cute again

I love Jude's current Frankenstein walk.  He hobbles and waddles and looks so proud of himself while he does it.  Warms my heart.  So far he's not that much harder to control; he was a fast crawler.  People ask me if I ripped the knee holes in his jeans for swagger; no people, he crawled like a machine for 6+ months.  He has been extra sweet on me lately and gives me tight hugs around my neck and rests his head on my shoulder just for fun.  He's a bit possessive and doesn't like it when Jeff tries to give me a hug while I hold him; Jude pushes him away. If he'd already learnt this word I'm sure it would accompany a "MINE!" When I put him down and leave the room they have a blast.  I read this is normal at this age so there you have it.

"The usual" has pretty much still consisted of trying to teach my baby new things, keeping the boys fed with healthy (and sometimes just reminiscent of healthy) bites, feverishly cleaning the floor by night, slloooowly chipping away at sewing a tepee for Jude, restoring some furniture, speed grocery shopping since Jude will sit for about 2 minutes and then it's a game of trying to keep him in the cart or shopping with him on my hip, and as long as I've been carrying him my arm muscles can't keep up with his girth, and I've been trying to pick up on the exercise again.  Sometimes it's frustrating to wipe down the walls and sweep many times a day, fight Jude ridiculously to change every single diaper and get him dressed.  Being stationed at home carries a weird vibe for myself; if I hang out in sweats I feel like a bum but putting on an ensemble that no one will see and will be barfed or booger-ed on 10 minutes later feels silly too.  It just makes me feel like more of a human being to do it anyway, and I throw in lipstick.  But the point is there are things about my day that seem pointless but necessary.  Getting out and seeing friends has been such a blessing; I am so grateful for good friends round about!  Even though I talk to Jude all day it's so nice to have people that can answer back in discernible English :).  When I stopped running for a few weeks I realized how much better my days are when me and my Nikes get out the door (not withstanding the unsightly task of forcing Jude kicking and screaming into the stroller, giving him a drink so I can buckle him, and then hoping I can get my exercise in without a meltdown).  And when I groan at the treadmill of cleaning, cooking, etc., I think of how lucky I am to be married to a good guy and to have a sweet baby who is a rascal but has so much effervescent love to give and has me wrapped around his tiniest of fingers.  Things are good.

We are going to baby proof the drawers; we were going to try to get away with skipping that. 

Don't ask me what sort of invisible tranquilizer dart hit Jude on Sunday but he lasted the ENTIRE Sacrament Meeting without needing to be taken out ONCE.

He was rolling around on the floor to be silly -- where did he get his amazing wit??? 
Frankenstein-ing his way over to me

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