07 May 2012

Weekend in Vegas

We just got back from J's baptism.  We are proud of this great little boy, the best giver of the best hugs.  He even asked me when we got there, "Did you cut new bangs?  And is that a new dress??  It's like a whole new you!"

It was high time for togetherness, and we loved our trip.

The man of the hour

Jude was in no short supply of attention and new toys.  Heaven.  Of course he really started warming up to everyone about the time we had to go; I wish we lived closer!

Before the baptism even could get off the ground I was in the foyer with my whippersnapper.  I look forward to being able to attend church services in peace again...one day. I combined these pictures on instagram; please note someone ELSE'S bright idea of a McDonalds Diet Coke.  I needed one about then. 

He's not just a whippersnapper, he's a swiper.  I say this all the time but it's probably because his sly snatching of items continues to shock and amaze!  He just whisked this brownie into his little mitts and shoved it into his mouth fast as a hummingbird wing.  And since he'd abandoned the idea of a nap on a day of so much excitement and action, at that point, I was willing to acquiesce. 

"All I need is milk and Aunt E."

As the sun eased off, we all went to the park.  Jude and I have done the swings numerous times, and he's clocked a fair amount of time in the sand, but get ready for his first time on the slide.
He's found his passion and path in life.  Full time slider.

Pure joy.  This picture fills my heart with unending, pure joy.

Such a messy, slimy, happy kid!

Busted!  Self-portrait with a bit of Tylenol slashed on the side of the mouth for some zip (he had a small fever).

No pictures of dinner at a restaurant, but we made a discovery: Dum dums can and will get you through dinner out.  I was so happy to be able to sit and eat and chat.  The napless wonder crashed into a deep sleep on the way home and it was such a beautiful sight I took a picture of Jeff holding our slumbering child.  If it's too dark for you to see that's ok; the image burns brightly in my heart.  

We made it home yesterday.  I must be my mom's daughter because coming home from a trip puts me into clean and unpack and launder hyper drive.  Jude was cool with that because his big thing lately is taking clothes and whipping them around.  You must whip it.

And now we get back into our routine this fine Monday, starting with a tour of the family room and kitchen,  bunny ears placed on one's own head.  


Camille Giullian said...

I love that picture of him sliding down the slide! Such happiness... He's so cute.

Carrie said...

This boy of yours is just oh so darling! I love, love, love the pictures of him at the park. He looks so grown up in his striped shirt & little jeans. And the self portrait is to die for. Well done little man!