04 November 2012

Halloween Hangover

Even though Jude is not fully aware of all that is Halloween, I think it might still have been (mostly) one of the best days of his life.  I also learned quite a bit about the world of Holidays with Toddler Jude.

This is the best it's going to get for the complete costume shot (at the ward Trunk or Treat).  Next year I'm planning for him to dress up as someone/something that has blondish curly hair.  It's not worth the battle to keep something on his head.  Maybe he'll have outgrown that....

I strategized and schemed ALL DAY so that he would be rested and ready for Jeff's firm's Trick or Treat, but also a little hungry so that he'd be so excited I was giving him candy, he'd forget about the hat on his little head.  He got a good nap, but the hat was instantly greeted with:

And I'd like to point out that's a split Kit Kat melting in his two little mittens.

Once Elizabeth told me I'd think my babies are so cute even when they're crying, and she was right!  He looks at me with these big eyes filled with juicy tears, pleading with me to save him from a completely and utterly harmless situation, and I have to laugh and give him a kiss.  He's got my heart.

This is right after he slurped an entire Reese's into his mouth.  He operated in constant fear that I was going to take every last ounce of candy away.

I just wish Jeff had been able to enjoy himself a bit more :).

He concocts a new facial expression daily.

This little alligator said something (don't ask the pregnant girl to remember what) when you opened its mouth for candy.  Jude opened and closed it about 30 times and when we started to walk away doing the fake goodbye, he picked it up to bring with him.  

I had imagined hanging out at Jeff's firm party a little longer.  I imagined hanging out at every Halloween event a little longer.  But my eyes were opened to the fact that a sugared up toddler in a costume that he's feeling funky in is a toddler tippy toeing composure, and it's best to keep moving while he's feeling good.  After a brief-ish stay at Jeff's office we were off to meet friends at the mall.  Jude seems to feel it is his duty to give Violet a hug and kiss every time he sees her.  It is heartwarming as long as he's not too zealous....

Trying to climb.  Nice.

Bringing me a present: the caution sign.

After a quick stop at the mall we took him to a few houses on our street, and put him to bed. He was so wiped out he didn't even wake up when a few herds of trick or treaters either couldn't or didn't read the "Please knock -- baby sleeping" note above the doorbell.  After a few doorbell rings I put a big, blue X in painter tape over the doorbell to make it more clear.  The next batch of kids included a 7ish year old boy who said, "Hey, there's something on your doorbell."
"I know; I put it there.  I have a sleeping baby upstairs so I don't want anyone to ring it."
"But now it's broken."
"No, tomorrow I'll just take the tape off and it'll be fine."
He looked at me like I obviously knew nothing about doorbells and their delicate nature, claimed his prize and was on his way.

There was a kid dressed up as Steve Jobs, New Balance shoes and all.  He wins for my own personal competition I silently hold every year.  Our neighborhood is crawling with kids, so not only were the dark streets sort of funky with the murmur of tons and tons of little voices, dolloped with muffled parent calls and warnings, but we were also out of candy by 8:15.  Jeff and I collapsed on the couch, commented on how it felt like it should be midnight or something, and watched HGTV for a while until heading to bed.

Other Halloween festivities:

We went to an intensely awesome party thrown by some friends from church, and it was the first time I was asked to dress up in costume in years.  I thought that chapter of my life was over.  We stuck Smarties to our jeans and went as Smarty Pants.  I wish we had a picture, but alas.  Just trust me, the costume wasn't amazing but the party planner was.  It was loads of fun.

Last Saturday we tried out one of those Carnival-esque Pumpkin Patches with some friends.  Smelled like horses (poop), full of sketchy rides that we didn't let Jude go on, etc. etc. etc.  We didn't even buy a pumpkin there.  It's always great to experiment, however, and maybe next year Jude will get to try a pony ride.  Please note in the picture, Jude is holding up 2 cars like he's just won the lottery, and Shelby on the far right is pulling her Mama's hair with a look of delight.

 Jude's constant fizzing-over enthusiasm is an infectious hoot.

Halloween is so much fun with kids (or kid)!  Even as exhausted and uncomfortable and emotionally off-kilter as I've been, I loved this holiday this year with Jude.  Now just wait till Christmas and I might pop a blood vessel.

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Alice said...

He's adorable. You better ask him what he wants to be next year...Sylvia was supposed to be a monkey but apparently wanted to be a dog...I didn't realize she had an opinion about it...oops.