22 February 2013

A Birth Story: Graham

Here I go, recording a labor and delivery experience so enjoyable, it should have been illegal.  My OB should be knighted, and I became an even bigger fan of western medicine.

So I had a scheduled induction.  Some kind and loving friends tried to talk me out of it, but I was unwavering.  They had some bad experiences with pitocin, but I just knew everything would go fine.

I filled the day before the birth with last minute projects and errands, as would anyone who had a fixed baby deadline.  Jeff and I went out to dinner for his bday where we sort of sat in a stupor, contemplating what was before us.  During the day Jude and I had played, visited some friends, and he was completely spoiled since I was a basket case over the end of the Jude+Mom era.  After he went down I scoured the house more while Jeff went to Urgent Care to get antibiotics fighting a sinus infection before we had a tiny one in the house.  Happy bday, honey! 

On January 31 at 5:30 am I leapt out of bed -- BABY DAY!  We got all cleaned up, my mom arrived, and we were off.  We strolled up to the Labor & Delivery wing and were escorted to our room by smiling faces.  Kathy, my nurse, was totally awesome.  Mid 50s, sandy blonde hair, friendly and articulate.

And things just went really smoothly and in the order you'd expect all morning long.  I got hooked up to all the IVs, after a few "checks" I was reminded what labor pain was ALL ABOUT and said, "Ok I'll request my epidural now, I don't need to be a hero!"  Kathy informed us that would be no problem because the anesthesiologist had nothing on his plate until a 3pm C-section.  A doctor from my OB's practice came in and broke my water.  I guess it was partly because it was already off to such a calm start compared to last time, and partly because I know Baby Days only come along a handful of times in life, but I was just eating up every minute.  I was practically giddy.  Then giddy turned to loopy once I got my epidural.  I don't remember being so silly with Jude's epidural, but I was promising lavish gifts to Jeff, and I texted Sarah, "The anesthesiologist reminded me so much of Paul, except he was nothing like Paul only they are both anesthesiologists."  

Kathy called it for an early afternoon delivery, and she was right.  When I started to feel some contractions through the epidural, I knew they must be raging.  And sure enough, about 2 seconds later, I could feel pressure.  It was Go Time.  My doctor, Scott Capobianco, waltzed into the room with the sweetest smile on his face.  He seemed to really, after thousands of deliveries, still feel thrilled over what was about to happen.  Kathy said there were some medical students outside and asked if I'd be ok with one of them watching.  Since I have friends who were at one time, or are currently medical students, and only for that reason, I said it was fine.

And very calmly, we got ready for the main event.  With Jude it felt like my room was packed with people and majorly bustling.  It also probably felt more chaotic because everything about the delivery was an unknown.  At my 2nd barbecue it was just me, Jeff, Kathy, Dr. Capo, and the med student lingering in the background.  Armed with a helping of peace and eagerness to meet our little boy, I was pushing.  In the span of 6 minutes, with 3 pushes, we met Graham.  I was overcome with love for this small, crying person on my chest.  I knew I was holding a good one.  Jeff and I kept saying, "He looks just like Jude!"  He weighed in at 7 lbs, 14 oz, just 1 ounces lighter than Jude was.  After 9 months of feeling in a funk, I was floating on a happy cloud with my husband and baby.

I make no apologies for this cheese: he has filled my heart with a new brand of gratitude and my
heart has morphed yet again as a mother of 2.  He's another dream I hold on my lap.  I feel so privileged to be with my Graham every day, and know we are going to be have a grand old time.

1st Updated Family Photo


meredith c. said...

luckiest kid in the world to have you as mama! congrats on a smooth birth, gurl!!

jocie said...

I love him. I love your family. So glad his arrival was so lovely. Fitting for your Zen baby.

Sarah Anderson said...

LOVE! You are a rockstar. I'm so glad it was a calm, wonderful experience.

mcampbell said...

A happy day! And a happy sight, that sweet family. Seriously looking forward to the blessing celebrations. Love.

Audra Bollard said...

Love this! Sounds exactly like the birth of our second boy . . . hooray for schedules, drugs, and calm--despite all the naysayers it's the way to go!

Graham is darling!