03 September 2013

Graham: 7 Months

Just like Jude did at 7 months, Graham has taken an eager interest in phones, remotes, and all other things he mustn't drool on or eat.  

He's still a very happy baby, but is now determined to get his little mitts on what he wants and fights those that restrain him, so taking him to a friend's birthday dinner last night was maybe a bad idea.  He didn't want any of the toys or the sippy I brought for him half as much as the salt and pepper shakers, forks, etc.  

When Jude is not around and Graham gets to play with one of his ENGINE toys, he is absolutely gleeful; I think he knows he's getting away with something.

Which brings me to: Jude wasn't really interested in "things that go" at this age, he just wanted anything that was novel to him.  But Graham, being the Jude worshiper that he is, wants those trucks and choo-choos most.  I love having this house of engine loving boys -- it is so fun and new for me!

Graham sticks out his tongue when he's really excited about something.

His feet have a happy home in his mouth.

I went in to check on him in his crib this morning and with his eyes shut, still asleep, he was kicking his legs up in the air.

He chews and sucks on Jeff's face.

He's starting to wean himself. ?

He sat up for about 30 seconds today, but while I was grabbing my camera to take a picture he plunked over and was very sad about it.  

Graham Cam, you make life so good.

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