30 September 2013

Graham: 8 Months

Spontaneous Graham Poetry:

Oh my big, fat chunk of Graham,
Since you were born the doth scram.
To me, your birth was yesterday,
But the crawling days aren't far away.
Stay sprightly and chipper, my dear son,
For you the fun has just begun.

I know, I know, talent beyond measure!

Graham loves to raise both arms in the air and then whack them simultaneously against his flexed tummy.  He does this about 100 times a day.  Sometimes I'd assume he was hurting himself?  He's just full of vigor and vim.

He weighs over 22 lbs!  My left arm often feels like it's going to fall off.

We finally had to lower his crib; he's getting gutsy in the movement department and is pushing up onto all 4s.  I was very sad about lowering his crib.

He and Jude are 2 peas in a pod, which is pretty awesome since Graham can't talk or walk.  I take solace in Graham's expedited growth knowing that the bigger he gets, the more the good times will roll for these "brudders".

A couple of weeks ago Graham became sturdy enough to really sit on his own.  7.5 months, the exact same age as Jude.

He loves to be tickled endlessly and a song will produce a million dollar smile.

Graham yells and yells and yells.  Jude will crinkle his nose and say, "Too loud, Gammy, too loud."  I laugh to myself because I am certain Graham learned allll about yelling from his mentor and elder brother Jude Man.

He is just all about loving and happiness, absolutely delicious.  He is a constant bright spot and we love and appreciate him every single day.

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