02 October 2013

Jude's Words

Speech therapy has been so great for Jude.  I think his current contract is almost up, and if they don't renew it, I would be fine with that.  I really just wanted him to be able to mimic, and he's been doing that for a while now.  The rest will come in time.

Now that he's talking, he's also showing us we must be using a very chipper, sing-song tone with him a lot, because that's what he does back to us.

"Ready?  OK!"
"Good MOOORning!"
"Gammy CUTE!"
"Tha's REAwy HOT!"
"Oooone, two, free, four, five!"

I don't know when I started calling dirty diapers "stinky bums" but that's what they're called now.  We got him a stuffed animal (a monkey) when he was a wee baby, but he never really wanted to make it his constant companion.  Last week he saw a dog stuffed animal at the store and is IN LOVE with it.  He takes doggy everywhere, changes its stinky bums (trying to apply Desatin at times), and puts it down and wakes it up from about 94 naps a day.  We all must use quiet, nap conducive voices per Jude's instruction.

Whenever I have both boys in my arms or on my lap I say (more to myself than anything else) "Two buddies!"  Now whenever he's right next to Graham he says that, too, and when we finish with bath time he wants to go have "Two Buddies Time," wherein I lie them down next to each other on their towels in the hallway outside the kids' bathroom and put lotion on them.  *Sigh*

He used to call his green smoothies "soonies" but that has evolved to "foonies."  I have to say, it is so completely adorable to hear him talk about and ask for foonies and I hope he does not drop it any time soon.

Other cute mispronunciations or invented names:

*He has his friends La-Li (Violet) and Sheby (Shelby)
*I get those squeeze pouches of baby food for Graham and so all of a sudden Jude is in love with them all over again.  For whatever reason, he calls them "Huggies."
*Hallelujah: he doesn't ONLY want to watch Cars anymore, he also likes to watch The Incredibles.  To top off this amazing development, he pronounces it "Incebidoes" or "Cebidoes."
*Digger trucks are "gidders."

That's all I can think of at the moment -- this is a really great age.

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