01 January 2014


When it connected in my brain that 2013 was really about to be over in a matter of days, I took a minute to think about what I had accomplished.  And it was a big fat NOTHING.  Nothing!  The whole year has slipped away from me.  I think all my plans are embedded deep into Graham's double chin.  The things I had planned to cross off the list were nice, but not as important as my kids, so I will just get to it soon and not get too fussy. 

And I saw another year come and go, and we have our health, work, faith, and each other.  That's what I want, and that's what I want for this year too.  If I also happen to get the office organized and the kids' bathroom painted, 3 cheers for that.

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Alice said...

Didn't you have a baby in 2013? That's a big deal. It's been a NY's resolution of mine for the past 10 yrs to learn to do the splits, I almost got close once. It's not happening now.