17 January 2014

Jude Lately

I don't know how I almost have a 3-year-old, but in less than a month, the calendar will make it so!

Jude is the comic relief in my life.  The running commentary is beginning.  I always won the "Talks the Most" award at Girl's Camp, so I am not very surprised.  He is always buzzing on about who's awake, who's happy, who in the room is holding what, he talks about what he's building with his Duplos, what noise ____ engines make, where we could go, who we could play with, etc.  Honestly I still don't understand all of it, but I understand enough.  One of our favorite things is when out of the blue he says things like, "Mom, I love trucks." or "It's fun at the park!"  Well shucks, buddy boy, I never would have known!

He's gone through a pile of recent evolutions that force me to realize he's growing up.  First of all, he doesn't want diapers anymore so we are potty training again.  Somewhat clumsily, but it's going a lot better than when I tried a few months ago.  I don't know how I'm supposed to stay 100% positive through every pitfall, but I'm trying with gritted teeth and a singsongy voice.  Second, he grew 2 inches in the last couple of months.  I know this because a week or two ago we were in the exam room at our pediatrician's office, and they were taking FOREVER.  The kids were getting antsy and my bag of tricks was running low.  Then I remembered they have that little measuring device in the cupboards and was curious if there had been any growth for either Jude or Graham.  So I looked in a couple of cupboards, located the height measuring thingy, and voila!  At another time of life I never would have dreamed of rifling through those cabinets, but such is the willingness of a mother desperately seeking to avoid a tantrum.  Anyway, Jude has grown 2 inches and is back in the 90th percentile for height.  Go, Jude!  Then the last way he's growing up is he loves to come snuggle.  The fact that he can slow down long enough at any time of day to do this is astounding.  :)  He is very good at it, too.  He'll often sit on my lap and reach back and rest his hand on my cheek.  And then I'm thinking, "You're killin me, smalls!"  He loves to climb in bed with us (and now that he's back to doing it at a reasonable hour, like 6:30 instead of 5am, we love it too), and he peppers us with kisses and cheery announcements that it's morning and he's awake.

I might have put too many chocolate chips in my chocolate chip cookies, but he needs potty training incentives.

This is what happens when you ask him to "say cheese".

Messy face, clean heart.

At Christmas time in Utah we went to our usual lunch at Litza's pizza.  He didn't even want to sit with us, he was so enamored of his cousin Ella, and he sat at the kids' table.  It was so cute, though, I didn't even mind, and I somehow love those Reynolds kids 10 times more for being so great with Jude.  Ella helped Jude wait until his pizza was cool enough to eat, helped him with his bites and drink and napkin -- what a sweetheart.  Jude still asks what Max and JJ are up to.  Cousin friendship -- there's nothing quite like it.

Firetrucks and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood basically rule Jude's life; I love the firetruck thing because I just do, and Daniel Tiger is an off-shoot of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, which is nostalgic for me, but I am sick to death of those songs being stuck in my head.  If anyone ever wants a performance of If you wanna go potty, Stop! and go right away or Everyone is big enough, big enough to do something, just let me know.

There you have it.  Jude at 35.5 months.

Classic: I was looking for Pedialyte for Graham and Jude grabbed as many bottles of generic brand Metamucil as he could hold and came over to me with a hopeful smile, "I like it!"  Hmmm, not today, Juju.
He's started taking pictures on my phone.  Such an artistic eye ;).
"I wa hold Gammy!"

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