30 January 2014

Happy Anniversary + Happy Bday (to Jeff)

I shouldn't make a habit of combining these 2 extraordinary days in my calendar, but this year that's how it's clearly going down.

1. Happy anniversary (a week ago) to me and Jeff!  4 years have gone by faster than fast.  Our anniversary was on a Thursday, and it's so much more fun to celebrate on a weekend when Jeff doesn't have work the next day, so we saved the real party for Saturday night when my parents watched the kiddie bops.  We had a nice dinner, and walked around The Spectrum, and I discovered in Nordstrom that they make Spanx for men.  :)

While we were driving to dinner we each were in charge of thinking of our 4 favorite memories from our marriage so far.  I have more than 4, but the ones I picked are:

1) The night before we moved into our house/last night in Huntington, we took a break from packing to get some dinner at Claim Jumper (we had a gift card from our wedding).  Their big mistake that night was seating us in a booth, because every time our server came by we were making out.  This also bleeds into us moving, which is a hilarious memory in hindsight because we totally thought it would be cake to do it on our own.  We hadn't been married long enough to accumulate anything.  HA!  It was brutal, and we wished we'd taken people up on their offers to help, and we were so sore the next week.
2) Jude's birth
3) Graham's birth
4) Last Halloween, some friends came in to visit after they trick-or-treated around our neighborhood.  The wife accidentally walked off with my cell phone.  After tearing apart the house looking for it, we realized what had happened.  These friends, though, had just moved several miles away, I had never been to their new house, and had no GPS or way of contacting anyone till I got my phone back the next morning.  While Jeff ate breakfast, I saw him doodling on a piece of paper.  He was actually drawing me a detailed map of how to get to their new house, complete with "Map not to scale" and "This way to Sonic" written on it.  It was just straight up cute.  I kept the map.

So, to the love of my life, I'm so glad we got married, and I'm so glad you were born.  xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxo


ericareynolds said...

Love this!

chayes said...

I want to know what Jeff's four favs were! I loved yours!

S.A.R. said...

Ok I never click out of my reader to comment on blogs anymore. But the "map not to scale" and "this way to sonic" totally melted my heart. You two are so clearly MFEO.

jocie said...

You are one of my favorite couples on the planet.