29 August 2010

Double Gross

I got the stomach flu twice this week. Not morning sickness, although that was lots of fun, no, this was a special treat on Tuesday and again today. I don't have a high pain threshold, and so the symptoms make me very dramatic.

I have struck a deal with myself that helps me tone down the weeping and wailing and gnashing: Ben & Jerry's. When the symptoms start to wane, I give the princess (myself) some of the good/hard stuff. As much as the peanut butter ice cream is surely the stuff of the gods, I think I'd still forego the extra dose of all such illness entails.

Other than that, since it's almost fall, of course this means I am fighting the urge to start thinking all things holiday. I had a sudden hankering for yam casserole the other day. And then I just wanted to sit and bake sugar cookies in the shape of angels and fir trees. !!! Make it stop!

Also, I hear there exists such a thing as Pregnant Brain. Those who know me well know I can be a bit scattered, or a lot scattered, but I'm reaching new levels and I hope it's not just because I'm stressed.

Example 1: My assistant sneezed the other day while I was close to her desk and I said, "Thank you!"
Example 2: Same day, as she was leaving for the day she asked if I wouldn't mind coming in to talk to her about something. I told her I'd come over in a few minutes. As I fell asleep that night I realized I'd just completely forgotten to do it.



[AnnieR] said...

I'm loving that you have an assistant. I want an assistant!

JKA said...

Mer, what are you having!?? blue or pink? I'm sooo excited for you!

Lauren and Brian Phelps said...

I completely believe in pregnant brain. I keep doing the dumbest things or saying the most random things. Its like my words get all mixed up. However my husband doesn't believe there is such a thing. How dare he. haha. Congrats on the pregnancy!

tjnicky said...

Congratulations on the pregnancy!! Yes pregnancy brain or mom brain is a real thing, I promise!!!!