22 August 2010

To Pop or Not to Pop?

Sometimes I feel like I've popped, sometimes I feel like I'm just very thick. I await the basketball so it is clear to man and beast that I'm not just eating apple fritters by the truckload.

*I'm 14 weeks.
*I crave things that involve toasty bread and melted cheese.
*Chocolate, of all things, does not taste that good to me.
*I was on a Cheetos kick but that's over now.
*I am in good company -- it seems every day I find out someone I love is also making a person.
*I can't fit into most of my pants anymore, but the maternity pants slide off a bit. I can't wait for Labor Day when tights are more passable.
*I successfully hooked Jeff on LOST, but the bad news is some of those episodes made me cry when I wasn't pregnant, so it's going to be a bumpy ride.
*The nursery will most likely be put together after D-day. The room is currently colored mint/neon green, which I can't stand, and I can't paint, and even if I could time is sparse, so I think that'll be a maternity leave thing.
*Is it weird that the first baby item we purchased, a crib mobile of little lambs, became ours through a gift card we received for our wedding? Nervous giggle.
*I've been the pregnant girl I never thought I'd be: eating whatever I wanted and not making time to exercise. I trashed that this week and I feel ever so much better. It might be the best thing that happened this week.
*Even though it still doesn't feel completely real, it's fun to get to tell myself that early next year I will have a small, small person to love.

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Kristin said...

THAT IS THE BEST NEWS!! CONGRATS! You two are going to be fabulous parents.