03 October 2010

I am good with this weekend.

Conference was delicious. No matter where I am, I don't think I will ever prefer any General Conference viewing locale to my Uncle Robert and Aunt Kathryn's home in Farmington, UT, but I loved it in our home too. Conference in Farmington was a must for college student cousins, Utah dwellers, or visitors, and exploding with cozy company and perfect food. And really, I don't think I've ever resented anyone in my life so much as my brother Cam who was there this weekend while I was not. But, it was cloudy this morning, which was awesome. Isn't it so great to listen to our leaders whilst snuggled in a blanket? (People living in colder climates than CA: Hate me if you want for getting snuggly in 65 degree weather.) And hey, bonus: Jeff would randomly translate into French, no doubt testing the skill which he falsely declares has become "rusty". 2nd bonus: today in between sessions we had some friends over for some "brunch" which was way so totally awesome.

Yesterday Jeff took me on a day jaunt. He kept me guessing, and it was just one of those good things. It even included my first Yoo-Hoo beverage since August 1998 when we drove Elizabeth up to Provo for her freshman year of loose lips (ha!) and American Heritage at BYU. Activities like this that won't be quite so easily executed when we have a baby, oh I really do appreciate them.

Plus, at the end of our jaunt we went to Jerry's Dogs. Yes, I went to Jerry's Dogs. Apparently I don't look like the girl who goes there much. Jeff had said while we were in line he was going to get the chicken sausage. I wasn't listening when he actually ordered, but said, "I'll have the same thing" when it was my turn. The guy looked shocked and said with incredulity, "YOU want a BRATWURST?" Oh, uh, no.

And my house is clean and the grocer has been shopped and I got to rest.

So hey, that's why I'm good with this weekend.


Margaret said...

No kidding. I called my parents thinking they might have been alone during the conference weekend. I forget the youngest batch of cousins are for the most part just starting their BYU existence. So many good memories.

BTW, I whipped up my first batch of harvest mix of the season. Mmmmmm.....harvest mix.

Elizabeth Jex said...

Oh no Merzy you are mistaken. I actually DID read this awhile ago. You can see your comment must have really bothered me since I didn't even flinch or write a comment. Oh seester.