13 October 2010


I've bought so much of it pureed in 15 ounce can amounts, because ALL I WANT TO DO is stay at home and bake fattening things in sweats and slippers. I squeeze it in when I can. 2010 has been exhausting and it's not even over. But, exhausting with some pretty wonderful things. I'm hoping 2011 is more mellow or less eventful but given the fact that I'll be hopping on "the roller coaster you don't get off -- ever" (Motherhood according to Meri Eaton), that seems to be a far-fetched idea.

Praise where praise is due: we found our toilet downstairs was running inefficiently, thus contributing too generously to our water bill. Jeff began ripping it apart to fix it. Many, many trips to Home Depot. I started to think that in the end, after many more Home Depot receipts littered the counter, we'd still end up hiring a professional. And there's not any shame in that -- there's a reason I'm not designing cars or performing heart surgery or setting up cable. That is the reason of zero training. But, about one hour after suggesting we outsource, the toilet was back in working order. Zing! He'll never let me forget it, but I get to walk around knowing my husband can pull off stuff like that, so it all works out.

I swear the baby got bigger yesterday. Or I did. Either one. In other pregnancy tidbits,
  • I get at least one charlie horse a night, something I'm contributing to pregnancy because I never had them pre-May 2010.
  • Mexican food is the #1 food aversion.
  • I don't have consistent cravings.
  • I am no longer freezing all the time.
  • People ask me if the baby was an accident (?!?!?!?!?) and I've had a few random creepies come touch my belly like they own it. Ok new direction because I'm getting grumpy thinking about this. I know I'm not the only one to experience this, but come on, people. But if you do know me well, go ahead, poke away at the belly that is mine.
  • I fall to glorious sleep as soon as my head is horizontal. Just my head is required to be horizontal. And I suppose that means my neck too.
  • I can still touch my toes and I feel pretty awesome about that.
  • I haven't been to the gym in a long time and so fervently don't care. Remind me of that when I'm whimpering about my postpartum muffin top.


KatieB said...

1. i want to eat pumpkiny baked goods now
2. when we got married chad told me he wasn't handy, and if the toilet was broke, he wouldn't know how to fix it, so don't expect it.
3. those charlie horses that wake you up during pregnancy are A NIGHTMARE!!! they hurt so freaking bad. i'm still in terror of them to this day.
4. your grandparent's house in palo alto looks like a house from a magazine. i want it.
5. i can't remember my other thoughts, but you are awesome and i wish we lived by each other and could be friends.

ericareynolds said...

I'm laughing because the only food I absolutely loved when I was pregnant with Ella was Mexican. Maybe that's why we call her burrito? I was seriously convinced I was giving birth to an Enchilada. I love your pregnant musings and I'm sure Jeff is not complaining about your love of baking. Ah, this post made me miss you both. Can't wait to see you soon!

Chrissy said...

A Gatorade a day kept my Charlie horses away when i was prego. I think it's the electrolytes. Those cramps are the worst!