31 October 2010

Uh, Happy Halloween.

It will be very interesting to see what happens to our neighborhood in the next few weeks. If people douse their houses in decorations this exuberantly for Halloween, I am excited and slightly terrified to see to what ends they will go for Christmas. And how early they will go there. Not that I'm complaining -- if I make it to the end of the week without busting out Sufjan Stevens' Christmas album, it will be an accomplishment. And to all the haters or people incredibly protective of Thanksgiving, I am so very thankful for Christmas. They go hand in hand, and I'm sticking to that.

Besides putting up a $5 lit pumpkin in the window (neighborhood disappointment), we haven't really done much for this holiday besides buying a 5 lb. bag of candy to shell out to the beggars tonight (now 4.5 lbs because we are fatties). There's always next year! Tomorrow I will be bee-lining to BabyGap to scope out the costumes on clearance.

Now for a weekend summary:

My assistant got married yesterday so I headed up to LA with my co-workers and dear friends Corinna, Maribel, and Ashlee for the ever-so-posh festivities. It was really a beautiful thing.

I really do love the people I work with.

I may or may not have had some stress overload meltdowns this week, and before I left at 2:30 p.m. for the wedding, Jeff was working hard to make sure I decompressed and had some non-stressful times. Then when I came back from the wedding at about 10:30, I was so charmed and softened to find he'd put a dinner for tomorrow in the crock pot, run my errands, and take care of a myriad of other things. Oh, he is such a winner.

And now the trick or treaters come...up and down for the next couple hours!

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love, sam & chas said...

found your blog via my sister sarah ries. You, my friend, are a kindred spirit :) Just sayin.