11 October 2010

Palo Alto

We went for Karren and Bruce's 3 cheers wedding and loved it like it's nobody's business.

Grandma and grandpa McOmber's house that is a sacred spot. The smells of the town were killing my nostalgia button. There is no place quite like your childhood heaven.

We saw sisters, brothers-in-law, friends, and this dapper pair, Uncle Bryant and Aunt Susan.

I spent most of my time in Palo Alto as a rascally youth, but Jeff was a grown grad man student there with his own car. He knew the geography and restaurants, etc. so I was pleased to still introduce him to something I knew: The Village Cheese House. They

make epic sandwiches there. Something about growing up and revisiting old haunts: things get smaller. These sandwiches that my mom and aunt and grandparents would order for us were so huge I would think, "Are they crazy?? I can't even fit my mouth around this thing." I somehow thought I would still feel that way, but now... I could have maybe eaten two.

It was way too great to see everyone and celebrate the marriage of 2 more winners we know will have an awesome life, etc. Now back to the real world.

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Margaret said...

Oh grandma's and grandpa's house...sniff,sniff.

And the Cheese House. I'm living through you.