02 October 2011

Becca & Art's Wedding

I got back late last night from one of the best weddings I've ever been to.  My cousin Becca married Art in the Salt Lake City temple, and therefore we gathered and partied!

The sealing was beautiful and made my heart beat with extra enthusiasm, the dinner the night before tasty, the reception at Sundance was breathtaking, and the bride and groom were lovey and spectacular.  And yes, they really are that good looking!

Harry was in charge of the music, and once the traditional dances were over, he changed it up from Ryan Adams, Ron Sexsmith, David Gray, and David Hopkins over to the tunes that force you to just get down.  I haven't gotten down in....a long time, and a hibernating bear was awakened!!  I handed Jude over to my mom, and my cousins, siblings, their husbands, and I shook our bums for hours.  If it's possible to have a hangover in a body that is 100% sober, that's what I had Saturday morning.  I only wished Jeff was there, but boo, he had to stay behind and bill hours.  They even played one of his favorite  songs, which shall remain nameless, I'll only tell you it rhymes with Marty in the USA. :)

I am so blessed with family.  My family, Jeff's family, I really couldn't ask for better friends and companions.  Whenever we're together, I just don't want it to end.  

Setting up for the reception and loving on my babe. 

Congrats to the Mr. and Mrs. Gutierrez couple!  I love you so much, Becc!

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