05 October 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

As of today, with the torrential downpour that lasted every inch of the day, it is officially MY season.  I love fall and winter best, and always have.  Then I went and got engaged, married, and had a baby during these two seasons.  Bonus points.  I think spring and summer are awesome, and usually appreciate the shift in seasons no matter which direction we are heading on the barometer, but you know, I just get so much more excited when the days get shorter and the world is cozier.  That plus my mellloooowwww music preference, and maybe our friend Rodney Ashton was right when he told me: "Wow, you are a dark, dark person."  Now let's break out the tinsel!

On another topic, Jude now talks in his sleep.  Two nights ago I woke up medianoche to hear "dadadada buhbuhbuhbuhbuh dada mememememememememe" and thought that was odd.  I went over to his room wondering why he wasn't screaming if he'd woken up.  Dead asleep.  Just jabbering away with his eyes closed, body totally relaxed.  He's done it once since in the middle of one of his naps.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

And a picture in parting:

From the day he was born -- I forgot about this one.


Alice said...

Kids talking in their sleep crack me up! Finn talks in his sleep occasionally. Once he made truck noises in his sleep. We were dying!

chayes said...

He has grown so much! He is amazingly sweet!