22 October 2011


I'm here with my boys at Jeff's 5 year Law School Reunion in the crisp Palo Alto, observing the nerdy granolas, wondering what it would have been like if I'd met Jeff earlier and been here with him, eating the free food, trying to keep Jude from having an I-Don't-Sleep-Well-Ever-On-Vacation meltdown (but he's currently sleeping in the stroller and his lips are smushed and it looks so darn cute), eavesdropping on conversations about your typical nerdy things, remembering coming here a few times with my cousins when we'd visit family in them younger days, smelling the Palo Alto smell that always gets me choked up for those heavenly visits in them younger days and how my childhood is so wrapped up in this place, and sighing a lot.  And then grumbling when Jude starts shrieking like he did in months 0 to 3.

P.S. Jeff and I would go back and forth on taking Jude to Europe whenever it is that we actually go.  (I should mention we were planning a trip for our first anniversary but low and behold I became a vessel for the next generation.)  After this trip, not a chance, not if you paid me.


Alice said...

I loved meeting Jude! He's so cute, especially with that rock star hair! I could see him be a drummer!

Meredith said...

If you hadn't already made up your mind, I really would have tried to talk you out of a Europe trip with the wee one. It will take some major coercion to get me to do it again. Actually, no way. I'm putting my foot down, haha.

Looks like you had a great trip! Jude is adorable!