14 December 2011

10 Months: Holiday Baby

Jude's ringing in the beginning of his 11th month of life with a bang-a-rang fever.  Very sad.

While he did offer up a few smiles, this was his zoned-out face most of the day:

Jude is busy busy.  I read in all these books 10 months is the best age for photographing.  What 10 month olds are they talking about?? I can never get him to hold still.  Blurry blurry blurry are the pictures.

In other facets of Jude, his dream is to chew on our shoes.  Dream unfulfilled.

He's pulling himself up on everything, which means he has had a bloody lip and a few spills.  I think the worst part about those are the shocked and horrified looks he gets after, like he's wondering what he ever did to deserve this unpleasant surprise.  I just tell him, "Welcome to mortality."

We put a few toys in his crib, and when he wakes up we can hear him talking to them, and then he climbs up on the bars and jumps.  The mattress squeaking cracks us up.

He wants nothing to do with TV, or any toy for longer than 4 minutes, but if you wanted to tickle him 17 hours a day, he'd let you.

I'm sure he won't remember any of this Christmas, but having him around is making it pretty memorable for us.


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