25 December 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

I feel like it's any year between 1987 and 1999 because I can't sleep on Christmas Eve!  

I'm also winding down from one of the best Christmas Eves I've ever had in my life.  For the first time in 4 years, my entire immediate family is here, brood and spouses in tow.  Because of bedtimes and hopes of simplification we didn't do some of the traditional things (outings) that would seem absolutely, 100% necessary to effectuate the proper Christmas glow, but I didn't even care and it didn't take away from anything.  We had a lovely time just hanging out and keeping the marauding babies from injuring themselves.  Not too much sugar, not too much noise (or maybe it was all the same but I was just more emotionally and mentally prepared for the havoc), it was all just perfect, which is, I know, a bold word choice.  We had dinner, a little Family Talent Show (small interruption from Ian's meltdown), back to our house for dessert, the kids playing really well together, bedtime for all babies (the Jexies are staying at our house), and then the adults got to sit around talking and laughing, mostly uninterrupted.  I suppose that's all I really wanted, and it came off without a hitch!

This being my first Christmas as a mother, I would have sung a favorite song at the Family Talent Show, but I really don't think I could have gotten through a verse (no, it was not going to be Breath of Heaven or Mary Did You Know?).  When is this all going to ease off on my emotions?  It feels like ever since February 14 I have lived on a crumbly, narrow strip of composure where weeping borders on either side.  Why don't we throw all that goes along with Christian belief at this time of year?  That will really work wonders for me.

Mimi love 
Launching water balloons at the Elementary School, because Christmas is not Christmas without a dollop of hooligan. Do you see Harry out in the distance?  He got pegged in the shoulder.

Jude and Ian being rugrats, comrades, pals.  It turns out the both love climbing on things they shouldn't, eating things they shouldn't, whacking things they should and/or shouldn't, but only Jude finds it necessary to grab hair.

Thees ees thee life.

Dad issuing command re: food.  That little pixie doodle on his lap was the #1 sweetheart and snuggler of the day.  I cannot even tell you.

Guess what: Jeff has an ear infection, a sinus infection, but was still as sweet and Christmassy as can be, and my favorite partygoer. 

Some Christmas bagpipe -- duh.

Tasting dirt for the first time.  No qualms.

Nice, Harry. :)
Until tomorrow!  Merry Christmas!

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