05 December 2011

Aubs' Shower

Saturday we gathered round to celebrate Aubrey's little babe!

I can not wait to meet her.  

I met Aubrey in my first class on my first day of college.  We've been friends ever since and it has been such a treat to share college, missions, dating, marrying, and now babies together.  Throwing this shower was 100% lovely for me.  It was also cake because I had the help of Shauna, Lisa, Erin, and many others.


Erin, Holly, and Mama

Wistfully contemplating motherhood :)

This is how Mormons party hard.

Shauna and Erin, you are both lovely.

If you asked me on any given day I would say I'd love to have all boys, but items like that make me want to have a girl.

There are really 6 people in this photo! 

Lyla's scavenging the wrapping paper.

We had a ball.

Baby Girl is so lucky; she has a mom with so much love to give (and she's hit the gene pool jackpot)!

Happy Shower and Happy Motherhood, Aubrey!

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The Laidlaws said...

Yay for a FABULOUS shower thrown by FABULOUS friends! I could not have asked for a more wonderful afternoon with my lovely lady friends! Thank you for shower me and my little babe with so much love. :)