13 December 2011

Maybe a little Mini Merzy too.

9 times out of 10, people tell me Jude is a replica of Jeff.
But I have to say I am starting to see bits of Momala creep into his facial expressions, ever in his mouth and nose.

Moi as a wee bairn

Taken today.

But those eyes -- so completely 1000% his dad.

Also, just for the record:

He is not named after Jude Law, (no matter how handsome Jude Law may be).  Can't you just see it: "Yes, my child, it is your father's hope and mine that you grow to be an infidel and a shmoozer, with many millions in your pocketbook from motion picture films."  We do love The Beatles, but most of all I just love the name, and could see us with a little Jude Hayes running around, asking me to fill up his sippy with milk, chocolate milk if I was willing, putting on his shin guards for soccer practice, spilling everything everwhere, making up knock-knock jokes that don't make any sense, etc.


Meredith said...

SO CUTE! (Both of you!) It is so fun to see different traits come out as babies grow up.

Everyone says Coco looks just like Baptiste, but if they saw my baby photos, Coco and I have the exact same profile at that age. It's uncanny, actually.

chayes said...

What great pictures! I have always been able to see you in Jude's sweet face! Can't wait to kiss Jude's chubby cheeks!