13 September 2009


Would you believe me if I told you I made an entire meal and didn't want to fling myself from the Brooklyn Bridge at any point whatsoever?  

What what, y'all, I did!  

I'll go a step further.  I cooked a PORK LOIN WITH SAGE AND APPLES.  In a crock pot.  I suppose I always thought crock pots were cool, but now I'm a little bit in love with them.  It is just the baby step I was needing.  The unsightly guilt bricks of "As far as I can see I'll be cooking Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Chocolate Chip Cookies until I'm 90" have started to disintegrate.  

After some ginger brocc at Pei Wei on Friday we got back in time to catch 90% of The Beach on tv.  Remember that one?  Leo Dio when he still resembled Peter Pan?  This particular film was a little too much of a marijuana-infused Lord of the Flies for a minute, there, and the White Witch really needs to stretch herself and get out of the villainous "creepy steel eye looks" roles, but the best was the internet cafe al fin.  Our baked hero is back in civilization and sits down in front of a 50 lb., turquoise bubble-behind Mac Monitor, and then he logs into his EXCITE account, and THEN he downloads a picture from an email that takes 5 minutes to chonk out!  I thought it was funny and was partly and irrationally offended, since the movie was released around the time I was ordering my high school cap and gown and Elizabeth was returning home from London with the Felicity haircut.  It wasn't that long ago, was it?  

Just lie to me.

Is it Monday again?

It is.

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