04 September 2009


A fun new development this week: Jim-a-lim and Murdy Eaton join the Smart Phone Community.

Mom + Dad + Blackberry = Lurve. This is quite earth shattering, not so much for my dad but for my mom. She used to think they were called raspberries. My mother is a very independent woman, didn't even WANT a cell phone (an "electronic leash"), and fought possession of one such item for years until she realized its value when she blew a sorry tire on the 5 South on her way to pick up Sarah from her summer job. Had I not been there with my mobile device she would have been, as they say, high and dry.

Not only has she been a fairly regular user of a cell phone since 2005, but now they both have the world wide web at their finger tips, and all that goes along with that.

Kris and Elizabeth have recently acquired Palm Pres.

This is a time of renewed love for email in the Eaton family. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Boom, boom pow.

The past 2 days my inbox has been hopping with "Reply All"s on subjects varying from religious doctrine to tales of grandchild hilarity to what one of us is wearing on our feet. Here's a snippet of today's fruits, bleeding off of yesterday's theme of "Conundrums":

Anymore conundrums today? It is Friday, so we should be able to think of SOMETHING.
For example I just read that Francis Ford Coppola made a new movie, but it's not looking too hopeful.

if i were FFC in female form (francesca?), i would be lazing about on the deck of my mansion in the pacific palisades, with my catholic grandkiddies roaming about. i would wear a wide brimmed hat. i would drink diet shirley temples. i would make no more attempts to relive the glory days. j.k. rowling doesn't expect to have another harry potter; "you only get one," says she. it would be ever the same with el padrino.

what is FFC?
future farmers of california?
fluff filled crisps?
fast and furious congressmen?
felicitously fat chubbies?
furry furrowed critters?
oh, francis ford coppola. yes that was what you meant.

or felicitously fat chubbies. those are the best. and kind of like julia.

if i were a felicitously fat chubby, i would live like Julia and be fed in a high chair and have flower clips put in my hair.

and stand at the edge of the poofy green couch and watch her older siblings play with star wars action figures, contributing nothing verbal but much by way of moral support and flattering invested interest.

Felicitously fat chubbies, such as Julia, have no teeth and like to spend the day looking at Lucy and saying, "Dot!," with all the energy she can muster, and then dubbing everything else she sees as, "Yuck." Pig tails are also required. Plus the occasional gnawing on my shoulder . It is a good life. But she's not much for FFC flicks. We're all about C&L and the all mesmerizing B.E. I think ffc's catholic grand kids might approve.

C&L = Charlie and Lola for the unlearned.

what is B.E.?

Baby Einstein. It makes us smarter every day.

Remember that one Thanksgiving when we were all watching "Baby Einsteins" in a trance, long after Sam had lost interest?

i have been looking up recipes alllllll morning. blueberry zucchini bread? yes.

The End

Was that as much fun for you as it was for me? Maybe, maybe not. But I like them, every single one.

Happy Labor Day!

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Jim Eaton said...

OK. So I worked so hard to generate a stimulating doctrinal conversation. And it was me who introduced the idea of "Conundrum". So do I get any credit for conversational stimulation. No, I guess not. Don't worry 'bout me. I'm Ok, I guess.