07 September 2009

Devoid of Labor, Overflowing with Lovely

Just a quick Santa Barbara FYI: I'm still accumulating pictures, so this isn't the last of me nudging my Labor Day jaunt out into the internet.

OooooOOOOOoohh I sit here, for some reason getting my second wind, thinking as I did at the close of So Brave, Young, and Handsome, "Why did it have to end??" We maximized our time with activities*, ate like 16 year old boys, chortled heartily at our own and each others' jokes, and still somehow found time to watch the BYU/OU game and get know some R&R.

* Activities out of the routine in our 2 day stay: Solvang time, Hiking, SB State Street Shopping
Activities quite routine to us but fun nonetheless in new surroundings: Chlorinated and Salty breeds of water


I think this is when we were sharing listening to Africa on Jeff's ear buds.  "There's nothin that a hundred men or more could ever dooooo...." (are those even the words?  Hold me close I'm Tony Danza?) 

A BBQ place.  It was scrubby but good.  I got steamed veggies and onion rings.

My 2nd wind has been short lived and I'm out of pictures to blog......zzzzzzzzzzzz


Margaret said...

I blessed the rains down in Africa. Is that right too?

JKA said...

ah, you guys are darling... Miss you. Please come stay!!