19 September 2009

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

I found myself unable to sleep in this morning, Jeff is at work, I am slightly crabby.

Is it criminal to anyone else when you can't sleep in on Saturday morning? I learned this week that unless I LEAP out of bed, and I do mean LEAP, which I did on Friday, I am invariably rushed and/or late. Trying to greet the day with any amount of calm doesn't mean greeting the day at all, it means lying in a sleepy stupor trying to negotiate with the powers of the universe, pleading the possibility of it magically becoming a weekend and therefore a typically schedule-deficient morning. And then next thing I know (or don't know) I'm shmoozing with Mr. Sandman again and jolting myself awake with a gasp, late late late. Bad, bad, bad.

Some other latests:

* I've been going to the gym a lot. Like, some of the 24 Hour Fitness Employees might be starting to recognize me. (!!!) It's been great; I read my books on vaguely effective cardio machines while Jeff pumps iron, we run into friends from the ward, it's a good system. I get the gymnasium equivalent of Sunday Night blues while we are en route, and my gym buddy always asks, "Do you want to just go get a donut instead?" with a mischievous smile on his face. So far self discipline has been exercised on the way to exercising.

* How about that tort reform, eh?

* Yesterday Jeff asked me how I feel about my job right now. The work is interesting to me. I love, love, love my co-workers. I am really happy there. I feel like a lucky girl. I often feel like shouting this from the rooftops, but this is the closest I've gotten.

* I'm sorry, I might alienate some of my female comrades with this next blogger statement, but I just can't get on board with the booties. I just don't get them. They make your (my) legs look funny. This is one trend I'm just going to wave at as it passes me by. May it pass by with much momentum.

* I might be frightening more than a few people now, but I have had an itching to cut my hair off, and in no trivial manner. I suppose there was no other alternative; I must eventually recalibrate into a version of my mother, and what would Meri Eaton be without her short Meri Eaton hair? I'm not about to do it, not even close, but I saw this picture in the grocery store magazine rack, and a little chime rang in the back of my head. It might be 10 more years until the day of drastic hair whacking dawns, but I'm quite sure my head will at some point look like this:

* Ok I'm going to clean my room. SATURDAY, SATURDAY, SATURDAY!


kt said...

Ah, I know the leaping bit. Absolutely true. I've also found that in the same motion as leaping, I must grab the coverlet throw it over and make my bed (complete with throw pillows) in order to seal the waking ritual.

My greatest Saturday satisfactions:
Cleaning my room & doing chores
Playing the piano
Going to the public library

All this is bliss, felicity, and a breeze coming through my window.

I love your blog. Say hi to Jeff or me!


[AnnieR] said...

1. You'd look great with that short of hair. You've had a pixie cut before and that's what you looked like--a pixie. A darling, blue-eyed, button-nosed pixie. My vote is a hearty "aye."

2. Yep. Not down with the ankle boots either. Anything that cuts right above the ankles are a no-go for me. If I started wearing them, then people would start calling them "cankle boots" and no one wants that.

3. Sleep? Who needs sleep? hahahahahahaha! (read that "hahahahahahaha" as a wild, strange, hysterical, on-the-brink-of-a-nervous-breakdown type cackling, like how one would imagine an very un-medicated schizophrenic might sound)

Shauna said...

Why did you have to pick the ugliest pair of ankle boots you could find? That's not fair!!!

Aubrey said...

Those ankle boots are heinous! No foot should ever be forced to walk in those. Oh, and yes, you would look cute with a pixie cut. Me, on the other hand...YIKES! That would be a total disaster. 'll just stick to my cute ankle boots. :)

KatieB said...

i remember your previous short hair cut, and you looked darling with it--but every time i see a picture of you and your luscious locks i turn green with envy, so i'd hold out with long hair while you're young and can pull it off so well.

and, to prove how old i am, i think most of the fashions right now are hideous.

Elizabeth Jex said...

if i had your hair, i would pixie it in 5 minutes. you'd look fabulous. and you look fabulous now too.
a pixie hair cut is to die for. and only some can pull it off. for me, it is a very delicate line upon which i have tread...and may again someday.
now the shoes...i just want to paint a funny picture. me, wearing those shoes, on a daily basis. come on guys, time to take sam to school (my pjs or running clothes are always still on at this point.) Sadie, where is Julia's binkie? ... am i the only one laughing? I think it's pretty hilarious.
and I must confess that I stand by Katie. I didn't even know those ankle boots were coming back. My fashion focus is to lose my baby weight so I can fit into my clothes from LAST year, and the year before, and the year before...

Sarah E. Reynolds said...

The ankle boots, not so much. But if you're going to do it, you have to commit and really ham it up with some Burberry inside-of-a-raincoat-pattern-leggings and maybe a black minidress with some shimmy-shimmy-fringe coming off the bottom. And then you'd meet up with your BFF Paris Hilton.

Jim Eaton said...

It is interesting that your questions re hair and ankle boots got so many responses. It must be a chick thing. My opinion is that you would look good w/pixie hair and I have always had a thing for white go-go boots.

Emily Sue said...


I love you, so as your friend I will be honest and say- DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR OFF!!!! You have beautiful, long, thick, dark, shiny, wavy hair...its GORGEOUS. If you must cut it, save it for your 40s. ;) On another note...I may copy your workout idea and make my better half go with me.