27 September 2009

Leif Enger. What a guy.

I have read some good books this year, but it has been FAR TOO LONG since I was drunk on a book so consummately endearing that I am driven to slapping it down on the elliptical machine so I can pause to chunk out some hearty chuckles of continued delight and affection for the characters, their motivation, and their happenings.

Then I pick it back up again, impatient to find out what happens next.

Those of you who've read this book: Is it so wrong if I want to name my first daughter Swede?


m.m. said...

such a great book. i love the name swede, but being swedish myself, i'm not sure i could really get away with using it as a child's name. but go for it, i say!

[AnnieR] said...

"Swede" was in the running twice.

PLaR was better than SBYaH, huh? I thought so.

Margaret said...

Glad you liked it. Really a fabulous book.
I love a family member Swede. I'll count on you to make it happen.

Chrissy said...

I loved this book and yes, Swede's character made me love the name!

mshayes said...

Yes, yes, yes. I dig this book. And Swede.

(Swede or Scout? Swede or Scout?)

(Okay, I would never name my daughter Scout. But they are both such rockstars. And I think Swede it totally doable. :))

ericareynolds said...

Yes, I adore this book. I am making my entire book club read it. It's so good. Is it weird that I get super excited when someone reads a book I love?

Sarah E. Reynolds said...

The only tragedy is that he didn't write more books!

It even made me love the name Reuben, a name I hadn't even really thought of before.