25 February 2010

I have a Scrunchie you can borrow.

I said before that Jeff makes me laugh with my nose scrunched up and my mouth open wider than a hungry whale. So then on my wedding day he made me laugh a lot and this, as I scroll through the KYLIE NIXON WEDDING PICTURES THAT CAME TODAY (!), is what I keep seeing. I may look like I'm about to eat him, but really, it makes me glad for the millionth time I married him.

It was the best day of my life. Stay tuned for the pictures where I don't look like a piglet. Actually here's one now, because my computer just started loading pictures more hastily.


JKA said...

love them... love the candid smiles, those are the best :) miss you!

[AnnieR] said...

I keep thinking about the title of this post and chuckling to myself. Genius.

Lauren and Brian Phelps said...

I just love all your pretty wedding pictures. Congratulations on the marriage! Isn't it just so fun?