21 February 2010

No dice.

I fibbed. No pictures yet, but we shall feed them to the internet as soon as we can.

Now onto the really important things.

1. Hairs. I was growing out my bangs for the wadding because I just wanted to leave them out of it. Too risky that later they would be dated beyond comprehension. Now that it's over (almost a month!), I feel free to bangs it up again. But do I want to? I'm torn. I'm thinking of

because that's how we naturally find ourselves standing, I should have the hair to match! Only fitting! I've got the hair dye for Jeff under the bathroom sink.

I actually am NOT going to be following suit and chopping my locks for a newlywed hair shift. I have had short hair more often than not in my life. It is NOT easier. And yeah, I know I've been talking about hair too long at this point.

Moving. On.

2. What IS that even??

It was supposed to be a winter loaf. I won't say why it looks like this and not like something you'd eat, because I like to avoid making myself look like an idiot on my own blog, but it was the fruits of an attempt at finding a kosher, cooperative balance between our breadmaker and I, and I can't say I believe either of us won or lost. Am I making no sense now? HA HA! Again, when displacing blame in as an adorable way as you can, being as vague as possible is key.

3. We haven't watched a minute of the Olympics. This will probably bother me later. It's been busy. Seems you leave town for 2.5 weeks and then you have some stuff to catch up on when you get back -- WHAT???? Also, as long as we're confessing things that I'm not sorry for yet, we ate a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs and Starburst Jelly Beans over a 24 hour period. Can I get a what what?

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ericareynolds said...

I may or may not have had a few bread machine loafs that looked similar at some point in my life. I wouldn't know, really. :)