28 February 2010

The Wedding Post Part II: Le Templo

Not in order of events, but Blogger takes attitude when loading pictures, and I'm tired and suffering from Sunday Night Blues. Love these pictures, though. To death.


M'lamb. We get each other.

A couple o' the guys

Are they not lovely?

MAJORLY scored with awesome in-laws. We're going to have some fun over the next millions of years. Right after we got to Utah for the reception there, as we sat around chatting, my FIL got up, went to the fridge, and pulled out a diet pepsi with lime for me. Read my mind. I love them already.

I cannot tell you how amazing Jeff's grandmother is. She went on Space Mountain at Disneyland a couple days after this. She embroidered dish towels from a pattern Jeff chose when he was 8 that are so nice we can't bring ourselves to use them; they should be hung and admired always. Perhaps in the Smithsonian. I love her.

Sisters above and below make the very dearest friends. They cause me to look at the stars and ask, "Why is it not a 3-day weekend tomorrow, one in which we shall travel for a visit?"

"One of these things is just like the other, one of these things is kinda the same, but one of these things just doesn't belong here, now it's time to play our game, it's time to play our game." I'm referring to our hair. And if you watched Sesame Street in the 80s like me, you too have had that song stuck in your hear from time to time.

Bless the photographer that tries to get 950948530 people to look and smile and be seen all at once. :)

I love this picture. This picture will go down in the "Picture of my Life" category. For so many years my sisters and I would wonder what sort of men we'd marry. Now we know! I love my brothers-in-law for making my sisters so ring-a-ding happy. Like, really happy. They are incredible blessings to our family.

That little muffin knows the power she has over us.

Cousins! C-c-...COUSINS! McOmber cousins!


My mom is thinking, "Next time I am at my child's wedding I shan't be planning nearly as much!"

High on life and drug free!

It is safe to say my new nieces and nephews have me absolutely wrapped around their tiniest of fingers. Totally and utterly charmed and enthralled.


[AnnieR] said...

Oh, but these are grand!

KatieB said...

everything looked beautiful and perfect! so happy for you! i love your dress and can't wait to see reception photos!

Chrissy said...

I simply die over this dress. Just die.

mshayes said...

That was a good day.

You were the perfect bride! :)

Sarah E. Reynolds said...

Oh, but can't we just go do it again?

Baptiste said...

What are those "Sunday Night Blues" you're talking about because I suffer from those too and Mer thinks it's just weird. Maybe all 4 of us need to hang out on Sunday evenings! I say we move to CA.

ericareynolds said...

Our hair may not match but you fit perfectly!

laceyjo said...

Love Love Love, I think I might blog about the picture of us girls!! LOVE!

what said...

I loved these pictures! So great!

what said...

I loved these pictures! So great!

Melly Mel said...

I love love love love all your wedding photos.
i miss you too.