28 February 2010

The Wedding Post Part I: El Templo y Esprinkles

Some of my favorites, in no order of any sort.

Please note a wee fact: After we were done taking pictures about the temple, I realized my breakfast, a handful of peanut butter M&Ms as we ran to the car to go to the temple, then ran back in to get my wedding dress, then ran back to the car to go to the temple, had not filled me up too much. So on to more sugar. We had a spontaneous Sprinkles respite on the way to Corona Del Mar to take the rest of the non-receptioned pictures. Being generous of spirit, the teenagers working behind the counter gave us a freebie as a congratulations.


m.m. said...

love them. looks like a beautiful day. so happy for you!

JKA said...

MERZ, loving the diet coke and cupcake pictures!! adorable!

mshayes said...

The Sprinkles pictures kill me! Cupcakes and lurve = perfection. You guys are darling. Love.