20 May 2010

21 Days

Until my brotherly comes HOME!

I have pondered this moment for a while now. Poor man Cam comes home to people who are perhaps a little bit frighteningly excited to see him. He knows we're excited, but really, I don't think he knows. And while he knew Harry before he left on the mish mash, Cameron will get off that plane to 2 new brothers-in-law and one chubbalicious niece that in May 2008 was but a loaf with yeasty rising.


I imagine we'll all break into sprints to hug him, Sarah will knock us all over and climb over our bodies to get to him first, Mom and Elizabeth will be overcome and sobbing, dripping all over the airport floor, my nephew will tackle him, my 1st niece will turn shy and hide behind sobbing mother, my 2nd niece will be like, "Uh, who is this nerdy boy? Does he have any treats for me?" and my Dad will scrap composure by a thread but give him a big, long, long hug with hearty pats on the back. I picture Jeff and Harry waiting patiently for the rest of us ninnies to have had our hugs before giving him their own. Jeff will probably say something like, "Hey! It's me -- your mystery relative!" to which they will chuckle.

And then we'll all look at each other and say, "Now what?!" We'll find his bags, stuff them in the car, argue over who will be escorted back to the homestead in the same car as Cameron, and after he's released, and each of his sisters and 1st niece will get cracking on baking anything to fatten him up, we'll let the cultural indoctrinating begin with the most important thing he's missed in the last 2 years:

I can NOT wait to see my brother again. To know him is to love the crap out of him.


Linds Barttels said...

ooo this makes me so happy! i remeber when kevin came home to 3 babies and a sister in law he'd never met. makes me nostalgic. your family will ne'er be incomplete & apart ever again!! :)

[AnnieR] said...

Just make sure Cameron has a bucket to throw up in handy once the Twilight indoctrination begins. And if you had some ammonia smelling salts on hand, that wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Sarah E. Reynolds said...

I'm just glad that we're all on the same page about who's hugging him first. That's all I'm saying.

And actually Annie, I was thinking we'd give him some drammamine before he saw Twilight. Cork the nausea before it starts. But the ammonia... that's not a bad idea.

Elizabeth Jex said...

I'm glad Sadie already has an invitation to "make" with us (that is Sadie's word for cooking or baking.) And why am I always the blubbering one? Are you other two Eatonian women in denial of your own gushing emotions? Hmmm? We need to make a list in order of importance of what we need to bring to Cam's attention. Movies, books, music, world events...help out the adjustment period a tad.

byers babes said...

Dude - you make me laugh harder than any blog out there! I love this post and I can't wait for play-by-play of what really does happen that day. :)