29 May 2010

Sunday Night Blues? What Sunday Night Blues? Tomorrow will be a tomorrow completely devoid of Sunday Night Blues.

I hear the Lakers won. I would be willing to hedge a bet Kobe is at this moment congratulating himself on being the king of the world. Maybe from the front of a yacht with his arms flung to his sides. And his wife is hanging around somewhere else on the boat wearing a jumpsuit with "Juicy" embroidered on the bum.

I remember watching 60 Minutes once because televisionly I am 85 years old and LeBron James was being interviewed. His mom was also a key feature of the show, and they spoke extensively of their tragic beginnings, often homeless beginnings, their very young single mom beginnings, and then talked about his extremely large piles of money and charitable opportunities and then about 3/4 of the way through the show the interviewer asked Ms. James in a very thoughtful voice, "So, would you say this basketball career has been a good thing for you and your son?" She gave him this look like, "What, are you an idiot or something?" It was hilarious.

That's about all I know about basketball.

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Elizabeth Jex said...

Would you believe it, but you and me both?