25 May 2010

Hum dee dum

Sorry, no pictures of the home yet, because everything is a bit "in transition". Trust me, the pictures will come along.

So far we have loved it and everyone is so NICE. We heard Ladera Land savored of Pleasantville and so far they are dead right. While we unpacked neighbors came to introduce themselves; we were so charmed! 2 little blonde boys in dusty baseball uniforms came with their mother to meet us and ask if we had any kids. I felt HORRIBLE that I had not had kids 9 years ago to supply them with new friends -- these kids were THAT adorable and deserving. Anyway our next door neighbors made us cookies last night. Honestly, who does that anymore?! Growing up I had both contrasts of quality neighbors. Amazingly wonderful people on one side and an older couple with a psychotic, agressive, Napoleon complex toting son on the other side. As I realize my days of gypsy transience are over, (and BELIEVE me, we are NEVER moving again unless at the point of bayonette!) it has been fun/creepy to think that the people on our street will mean to us what the neighbors I had growing up meant to the Eatons. Hopefully minus the Napoleon complex, but even if there are a couple of them in our midst, ah but it makes for great stories!

Is it Wednesday tomorrow?!

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Location:Hanceford Rd,Trabuco,United States


KatieB said...

it is fun moving into a new neighborhood when there are nice neighbors. all of ours knocked on our door and introduced themselves. one even brought the yummiest cupcakes i've ever had. i hope all of yours stay as dreamy, having nice neighbors can make for such fun. hurry and unpack so we can see pictures!

The Jensen Family said...

We loved living there, hope you guys do too! Enjoy your new house!I know what you mean about never moving again, I keep telling Matt he will have to remove my dead body from this house