12 May 2010

I do exclaim!

I've come around to the idea of decorative pillows on my bed! Large and hearty, not small neener pillows that serve 0 purpose!

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to finish selecting the linens she'll stitch together for our bedding!

My mom is and was a dish!

I got a promotion!

When I'm old and sound like Joan Rivers and have spent all our pennies on plastics, this is what I'll look like when I smile!

My sister-in-law Michelle is coming in 2 weeks to visit!

We will be in our new house by then!

People keep asking what it looks like!

Jeff doodled this while we watched old episodes of The OC (or was it Felicity?!) a couple weeks ago!

Yes, Jeff does watch DVDs of The OC and Felicity with me!

"Splat!" That's what my cover-less phone did on tile floor last week! Screen shards on the floor! I felt an unwillingness to pay for a new version of something I had owned moments before! Jeff found a guy to replace my screen and his battery for about 1/5 of the Apple cost! Call me if you find yourself in a similar predicament! Now I have a case of rubber so thick I feel sure I could send it flying off the side of the Chrysler Building and it'd still receive a text! Lesson learned!



linda said...

i love all the ! marks, and I LOVE THE OC. still.

KatieB said...

congrats on the promotion. did annie do your new banner? i love it. i like jeff's doodle but i can't wait for real pictures!

ericareynolds said...

Woot! Woot!--For the promotion--hopefully it comes with a enormous raise to pay for your developing pillow fetish? :)

mshayes said...

I love

your blog banner

your promotion

your pillows

and your hostess awesomeness. We are so excited to come stay!


love you!

Tanman and Merelips said...

I seriously love reading your rants and raves! You two are definitely adorable! Hope everything is going well! Miss you girl!

Margaret said...

Please never compare your lovely self to Joan. When you showing pics of the house? I mean real pics? Or does Jeff take requests? Can I get a floorplan doodle er sumthin'?

Elizabeth Jex said...

K Jeff is an arteest. You should put that beauty in a little frame fur yurselves. If you talk like Joan Rivers, then I'm going to talk like Darth Vador. Now that would be hilarious.

melissa said...

oh my gosh!!!! i love this so much! i am THRILLED for you guys!

Aubrey said...

I know I should probably be more excited about your new house, promotion, and cell phone, but I'm still reveling in the fact that you're slowly but surely becoming a decorative pillow girl. You're going to the love the wonderful world of pillows. Promise.