14 January 2011

Of Late

Besides being cranky, I have been up to....

- going on many walks and to the gym
- selling our old books on amazon.com
- reading The Help and watching Mad Men. My brain thinks it's the early 60s.
- cleaningcleaningcleaning
- cooking a little more than usual. I am not a big cooker. Elizabeth loves it like a Gwyneth. I am not there, maybe I never will be, but I am liking it more than I used to a couple of years ago, and know it's more or less one of my lots in life, so buck up, Merz. I had a drawer in our kitchen full of recipes I'd ripped out of magazines, emails I'd printed off from Elizabeth or Sarah or my Mom, and notecards I'd scribbled down at my mom's house. It's kind of a pain to dig through them, and if I make something that was simple enough for me to not screw up, but not too bland to have only come from cans and freezers, I want to hang on to it and have it accessible. That's a treasure.

So, I birthed another blog. www.merzyfood.blogspot.com It's not fancy or something I plan on taking anywhere -- just an easy way for me to organize and find tried and true menu items. Out of all the recipes crammed into that drawer in my kitchen, I've only posted 7. But I guess I'm sharing its existence because maybe you also have an ambiguous relationship with the art of cooking, and could benefit from a blog that currently only has recipes of a beginner to intermediate level of difficulty. I'm also a picky eater, so if I liked it, chances are reeeallly high most of the human race will like it too.

- I've been taking some pictures. I don't know what I'm doing with this either, but I got book from my awesome in-laws for Christmas (obviously Jeff was in kahoots with them about my present!), and with those tips I've snapped away. I think for my bday I'd like to sign up for an online class Elizabeth took (which is, incidentally, taught by a lady in my ward here in Ladera Land!), which Elizabeth said was totally awesome. Until then, here are some of my experimentals:

I took it, I swear!

The view from the hills behind our house. That's a chunk of the ocean!

Some of our lemons -- at this point, my photo subjects need to be close by otherwise I'm too lazy to get to them.

A flower by the driveway.

A sort of belly shot.

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KatieB said...

i never liked to cook either. i had kind of a renaissance during my first pregnancy when we made friends with a couple who loved to make gourmet meals and have us over to dinner a lot. i got many of their recipes and did what i could with them over the next few years. it's still not my favorite to actually make the food (i prefer to show up and have the food already made by someone else), but like you said, it's my lot in life to cook at least a few nights a week and i'm mostly at peace with that now. but not when i'm pregnant. i can't cook at all when i'm pregnant. hmm, maybe that's motivation enough to have baby number four now...